Tipsy Bull – The Best Bar Exchange Restaurant in Bangalore

We went to Tipsy Bull-The Bar Exchange for dinner on Sunday. The place is at the open terrace with a very unique concept of ordering the liquor through the bar exchange app with fluctuating prices in red/green like for shares in the stock market. There are huge phones hanging from the top with an intention to call/close your bets like old times.

Their staff brought us the awareness once we were comfortable which made us order Cuba Lady, Orange Sunset & Bangkok Sling without any delay. I found the place was serving my personal favorite White Owl beer which is rarely found at times & needless to say, I couldn’t resist ordering the same at the end.

We ordered Potato Wedges plain & loaded (with cheese) which were children friendly, Coin Idly which were quite different than what we expected, Mushroom Pepper Cheese Rolls which were quite crispy & crunchy, Cheesy Tandoori Brocolli which was found to be quite extraordinary & yummy in tasty. Something out of the box which came unexpectedly was Moroccan Eggs which were very soft & spicey & Lebanese Mezze Platter which was quite well presented too. Paneer stick was quite mild in taste & the crunchy effect was missing in it & Paneer Skewers were missing the skewers feeling, rather was tasting more like a paneer masala tikka.

My personal favorite at this place is the Veg Thai Curry with rice which was very well prepared, served sizzling hot & enjoyed 🙂 In the desserts, Chocolate Mud Pai was simply delicious, completely enjoyed due to the flourless lite effect.

In all, the place is running the show for almost 3 years non-stop, the ambiance looks little aged out & rusty but the spirit of staff members was found to be high as always & full of enthusiasm to serve its customer to the complete satisfaction & open heart full of love. Wonderful overall experience & worth going. Must try, enjoy !!!

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